Synapses of the Soul is written by Sofia Carozza (me). I am a graduate of the University of Notre Dame, where I studied Neuroscience and Behavior and Theology (and philosophy, and political science… and economics… can you tell I can be indecisive?). Now, I’m off to grad school to study child neurodevelopment.

I’m a member of Communion and Liberation so I use the words “encounter,” “correspondence,” and “reality” more often than the average Catholic.

Things I find beautiful:
1. Eucharistic adoration
2. Solitude in the mountains
3. Fluorescence microscopy

Things I dislike greatly:
1. John Locke
2. The idea that faith is incompatible with reason
3. Inadequate support for early childhood education

Email me your requests, neuroscience questions, topic suggestions, and wildest dreams at synapsesofthesoul@gmail.com.