My Life in Second Grade

My Life in Second Grade December 22, 2005

If I don’t watch it my 7 year old Sammy is likely to start his own blog. Lately he has been spending a lot of time on the computer composing essays with titles like, “Quidditch” and “The Case of the Dragon”.

His most recent composition is entitled “My Life in Second Grade”.

Excuse me, but what kind of 7-year-old voluntarily sits down at the computer to write an essay called “My Life in Second Grade”?

In the first place, I don’t think he’s old enough to have a life, really. Well, that is unless you call catching the bus to school, coming home, occasionally practicing the piano and doing your chores a life.

And, secondly, it took me a good, long while . . . at least 30 years . . . to recognize that I had a life and to think that it might be useful to reflect on that life. Plus, we didn’t have computers when I was 7. I am wondering exactly what inspires that little mind to create?

Here’s an excerpt from Sammy’s recent composition:
My life in second grade is fun and easy. I know about mathematics, science, reading and social studies. We have fun things to do in second grade, like Math Olympics, Fun Friday, the drawing and most important, learning. I have a really nice teacher. My teacher’s name is Ms. Bartley. My friends are named Bethany, Bety and Max. I also like Spiderman and pizza and Harry Potter. My favorite color is red. I am seven years old. I was born in the year 1998. I have one brother and one sister. I am in second place to be the smartest kid in my class. Today when I am writing there are 5 days until Christmas.

Okay, so maybe he does have a life. And maybe one of the greatest things about his little life is an appreciation for the simple things that make up 7-year old living: pizza, a crush on your teacher, Math Olympics, being almost-the-smartest-kid in the class. (In case you are wondering, I do take issue with the glaring omission from this list of his inspiring and supportive mother . . . .)

Observing Sammy in his optimistic and enthusiastic assessment of life makes me want to take a step back for a minute to think about all of the simple, wonderful things I have in my own life, a list, which, by the way, also includes pizza.

And, reading his thoughts also makes me think that instituting Fun Fridays might not be a bad idea, either. What do you think?

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