The UPS Man and Me

The UPS Man and Me December 24, 2005

I noticed a few nights ago while at a holiday party that, once people find out what kind of job I have the first thing they ask is how I am surviving this week. Christmas falls on a Sunday this year, as you know, making regular Christmas Clergy Stress rather intensified (and, in case you’re wondering, no, we do not cancel church for Christmas, the holiday on which we celebrate the birth of Christ).

All of that was on my mind yesterday afternoon while I was outside raking leaves (yes, it is technically winter and this would be a job best done in the fall, but we do the best we can). So, after the UPS man had stopped by for a third time today, I started wondering the same thing about him–how has he been surviving the week?

As I wondered I raked my heart out (as you can see). But the fourth time the truck stopped (I could insert a comment here about advanced planning or efficiency, or even about rampant consumerism, actually, but in the spirit of the season I will resist . . .) I thought I’d ask him what it feels like to be him this week.

With a big smile (how annoying!) he said, “I have the best job! I get to bring people their gifts!”

Later, as I finished writing my Christmas morning homily, I realized that as much as I love to see the UPS man pull up to the curb, I think I might respectfully disagree with him on this issue.

Tonight, you see, our church family will gather and I’ll get to read those beautiful words from John chapter 1 about God coming to live among us.

And as I do I’ll be thinking, “I have the best job! I get to bring people their Gift.”

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