Sunglasses at Night

Sunglasses at Night June 24, 2006

Who would have thought that the first person in our family to undergo cosmetic surgery would be Mark? (Not really anyone who has ever met us, I am thinking . . . ).

This past week was highlighted by the drama of Mark’s Lasik eye surgery. He’s worn glasses for long over 20 years and, he says, his softball career has suffered as a result. He can’t see things all that clearly with his glasses, and taking them off to wipe the sweat off his brow is interfering.


Thursday morning was the big event, and I got to watch on the monitor as the doctor sliced into his eye, peeled back a flap of skin and did some magical laser-y thing. I am not sure what happened toward the end of the procedure as everything started going black and white and woozy and I spent the rest of the procedure sitting with my head between my knees trying not to faint.

I’m fairly certain it was pretty much the same as what happens on The Swan, but, alas, I did not make it all the way through Mark’s procedure. As I was sitting in the waiting room trying not to pass out, I did happen to overhear the office staff talking about when they performed Lasik eye surgery on the president. Of the United States. Somehow this made me hyperventilate more.

In the end, I fear I was more affected by the whole experience than Mark was, as he seemed to really enjoy wearing his sunglasses all night (even while asleep) and showing off to anyone who would listen by reading the time aloud off the digital clock on the microwave from all the way on the other side of the room. (I’ll admit it was slightly exciting the first three times but after that it got kind of old.)

Mark was back to work the next day and seems to have suffered no ill effects. He’s still enjoying wearing his sunglasses and running around the house channeling Corey Hart, which is beginning to drive all of us crazy.

The only other effect he’s reported is that when he looks at me there seems to be some kind of glowing halo around my head. (Finally someone can see it!)

The doctor says the whole halo thing is part of the healing process, but I personally think this is just evidence of the miracle of modern medicine!

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