The Sky’s the Limit

The Sky’s the Limit August 20, 2006

Look into their eyes, would you?

You can’t even hear them talk but just by looking you know what they’re thinking: “Here we are, ready to change the world! This big city had better be ready for us!”

Can you see it in their eyes? Can you imagine the deep conviction and firey faith that inspired two young folks to pack up their lives and move to the big city?

This week we welcomed Eric Bebber and Allyson Wisdom, two CBF missionaries placed here at Calvary to work with us as we explore and live out our mission here on the corner of H and 8th. Along with some newly-minted degrees they bring fresh perspective, boundless energy and the optimism of new adventures.

I’m looking forward to working with Eric and Allyson as they help us live out our calling here at Calvary and as they become part of our community of faith. Primarily, however, I’m counting on them to remind me why I do this job, to help me remember every day the incredible invitation of the Gospel to live a life of change.

Welcome, guys!

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  • revabi

    oh to have some of that fire, enthusiasm, courage, confidence,conviction, maybe its catching. Keep us aware of what you learn from them, and what their journey is. We need people like them to remind us don’t we why we do what we do. So glad Calvary and you have them. Saying a prayer and blessing for their ministry.