Changing the Face of Baptist Life: One Entry at a Time

Changing the Face of Baptist Life: One Entry at a Time August 17, 2006

Hey, head over to Ethics Daily to check out this article about “Centrist Baptist Bloggers”.

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  • Michael Westmoreland-White

    In response to Parham’s article, Dr. Bruce Prescott, of the Mainstream Baptist Network, is forming a group blog “Mainstream Baptists,” in which I have been invited to participate. (Who knew this Anabaptist/socialist was “mainstream” anything?) I am urging him to make this network as global as possible and as ethnically diverse, both genders, etc. (And his early responses with links and invitations show a great desire to be part of the forging of a non-fundamentalist “global Baptist identity.” If you would like to participate, contact him and tell him something about yourself at . The group blog is located here:
    This is just what Bruce has accomplished in 2 days. If his previous work is anything to judge, this will grow HUGELY.