Homemade Church

Homemade Church August 16, 2006

Since I was on vacation last Sunday the family stayed home from church, too.

After an afternoon nap Mark and I came downstairs to find the dining room chairs assembled in rows, the coffee table set up with candles and bulletins (pictured above) thoughtfully provided for each member of the congregation (me and Mark).

Turns out the kids had been feverishly working all afternoon to plan the service, including selecting appropriate piano pieces from recent lessons, picking out the tune on the piano to “Make Us One” (which we sing after the passing of the peace at Calvary), and laboring over a sermon on the feeding of the 5,000.

After it was all over I said something about how great it is that we can worship God anywhere. Mark said he’d thought we were having a break from church today . . . . I guess not!

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