Tagged Again

Tagged Again August 15, 2006

Just the other day I got an email from my friend Paulo, who is a really nice guy (even though he goes to First Baptist). He indicated to me that I had been tagged on his blog so I ambled on over to check it out.

After laughing uproariously for a few moments when I saw that I had been chosen as a favorite blog while Real Live Preacher got an honorable mention, I was really touched that Paulo even knows the address to my blog, seems to read it rather regularly and even occasionally finds some of the ridiculous posts I write to be helpful.

So, thanks Paulo, and I will try to follow instructions on the tag. Everybody else, join in and leave a comment or a link so we can follow your trail. Here’s the task:

Choose three or more bloggers you admire and link to them.
List three reasons why you admire each one.
Add one tip for each blogger.

Here we go . . .

1. PeaceBang is a UU minister in Boston. I read her blog for the first time when a colleague sent me a link. I find her entries to be thoughtful and honest, and further proof that the work of ministry is “universal” (haha) in its challenges. I like to talk with my friend Megan, also a UU minister, about the similarities and differences of our faith perspectives, conversations sometimes spurred by PeaceBang’s reflections. Of course, PeaceBang is my absolute favorite because of her OTHER blog: Beauty Tips for Ministers. It’s sad but true that ministers are notorious for poor fashion choices. PeaceBang takes on this travesty regularly with humor and skill. I laugh out loud more when I read Beauty Tips for Ministers than any other blog. I love her courage to “speak truth to power”, especially as it relates to critical issues like open-toed shoes in the pulpit and male ministers with pony tails. I love, most of all, the litanies PeaceBang writes for a spiritual approach to the fashion crises of the faithful. I laughed my way through this one. My tip for PeaceBang is that she please put an email link on her blogs so we can contact her more directly. I was very sad that I could not seem to find her to connect in person when I was in Boston a few months ago. Keep up the good work, PeaceBang!

2. I love the blog of Journey Mama. Three reasons: I find her blogging to be honest and heart-felt, often filled with deep spiritual reflections that make me think; I love learning about the alternative lifestyle she and her family choose to live; despite our obvious differences, I resonate with the challenges of family life she blogs about so eloquently. I always love the pictures she posts on her entries. Post some more! Post some more! And keep up the good work. Journey Mama, your writing is helping me understand another perspective and widening my view of God’s great family. Thanks.

3. My husband introduced me to Waiter Rant, which is a blog that’s disrespectful enough to merit Mark’s seal of approval (and, believe me, that takes a lot!). I love reading about life in a restaurant; I find quite a few corrolations between his work and mine (working with people is all the same, I guess); and sometimes he even gets theological. Profoundly. I’d like to hear more theology from Waiter Rant, actually.

What are your favorites? Share!

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