One Year Later

One Year Later August 29, 2006

Today it has been a whole year since the horror of hurricane Katrina began. I have the highest admiration for my friends in New Orleans who have doggedly determined their city will be, once again, a place of beauty. There’s a long, long way to go.

Here’s an article about my dear friend Ann Freedman, one of those heroes.

On this first anniversary we are witnesses to all this suffering and hope. And because we are people of faith we declare: “We will repair the breach; we will raise the foundations again; we will restore the streets and make them livable again. We will honor the lives of the dead and the living by acting in justice.”

On this one year since the devastation our Great God of Justice still calls us to repair the walls, to stand in the gaping holes of our society; to cry out and to make things right.

May it be so.

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  • Will

    Hi Amy
    Yes after seeing the events that happen in New Orleans. I wish I had soming to do to go out and help them. But finding out that New Orean’s was over 55% dune but Mississippi is over 95% dune. A hand full of kids when down to New Orleans. The group that help on the start on rebuilding the house are called acorn. But in a week the was to do 25 house in a week. The kids did over 44 house so they will not be torn down. Cleaning the yards help in getting the neyberhood so they have a new start. The high school kids work in the house waile the midel school worked out side the house. Next Year I hope there a group trip to New Orleans.

    Thank you for shairing that with us.

  • Melissa

    Nice column in Ethics Daily today. I appreciated your thoughts and your challenge to moderate Baptist churches.

    I am a reluctant activist as well. I often tell people I’m not called to defend women in vocational ministry. I’m called to be in vocational ministry – and I just happen to be a woman as well.

    Blessings to you and your ministry.