Revisiting Katrina

Revisiting Katrina May 16, 2006

I keep hearing the stories of rebuilding, but the devastation is still so horrible. I took this picture while in New Orleans in February . . . it seemed especially poignant to me to see a manger on a pile of trash near the curb. Frankly, I am still trying to make sense of what happened. Here’s a link that graphically depicts how the devastation happened.

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  • Katie Harvey

    Wow Amy you really did want to make a flying leap away from anything too optimistic!
    I see images like this and the tears well up all over again. I have said it so many times but hearing about New Orleans and seeing pictures of what happened there is nothing to going there. Some people are angry that Grey Line scheduled tours of the devastation and are offended by the spectacle being made of the destruction but I disagree. People need to see what happened, they need to know what happened. Go to New Orleans! The culture is still there, the soul of the city is still there. Experience both the joy of cutting loose and enjoying a deep fried sandwich and the awe at what happens when nature overpowers everything that we can anticipate. I hope that people learned something from what happened down there because I am filled with grief all over again as I watch the flooding in the northeast. There is nothing as crushing as watching your home sink into the ocean. I hope that our leaders have learned to stop pointing the finger at each other over the past and take care of what is happening now . . .


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