Weird Science

Weird Science October 26, 2006

What can you do with a crumpled ball of aluminum foil, a clump of different colors of modeling clay all smashed together and various treasures discovered in Dad’s tool box?

Sam discovered this week you can do a pretty fine job of constructing a 3D model of an insect for your 3rd grade science project.

Please notice the careful detail included on this anatomically correct bee: hinged legs painstakingly constructed of nails and scotch tape; strategically placed tacks for labeling; dramatic wings (faux leaves from the craft box). I am not a parent who believes in doing a project for your child and then pretending that your child just happens to be a genius, a whiz on the computer, whatever. Thus you will note the homemade lettering.

And, I’d like to note here: Sam had special help with this project from our friend, Katie Harvey. (The parents initially involved in this science project are particularly grateful to her.)

With utter relief the whole family packed a very proud Sam and his 3D bee off to school this morning.

One more science project, done!

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