Countdown December 12, 2006

Okay, everyone. 13 days until Christmas. I am not trying to be ugly, but I am almost all done with Christmas shopping and plan to fully and totally enjoy the season with my church family and my family family.

I’ll admit pulling up to the curb, unloading packages dragging all five of them through the line and then leaving them (leaving them!) with the nice lady behind the Post Office counter was just grand.

Part of my happy gift-giving experience this year was starting early and thinking creatively about what to give. Another is the discovery of Merri-Mail, which was, admittedly, right under my nose . . . this gift-subscription service is owned by a creative and incredible friend, Caroline Armijo. You can download the gorgeous card and give someone you love a subscription to be reminded you love them not just on Christmas morning, but four times in the year ahead. What a bonus.

Sorry to gloat, but I am having so much more fun anticipating the holiday, counting down with my shopping list DONE! I wish for you the same.

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