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Guest Blogger January 4, 2007

I’ve been trying to get him to start his own blog for some time.

I know it’s true that my very good friend and colleague Jim Somerville is far too busy appearing on CNN and editing his sermons for publication to spend his time blogging, but, frankly, I’d like to have more opportunities to read what he thinks.

And I think the rest of the world might like that opportunity, too.

(Is the peer pressure working yet, Jim?)

So, while I continue my campaign to get him to start a blog of his own, I think I’ll try to ease him in by a few guest appearances right here on my blog.

Jim is well known for his interesting and thought-provoking observations of the lectionary texts but not AS well known for his considerable artistic skills, so today I share (with his permission, of course) a photo taken with his new digital camera. And here’s an official invitation to share his thoughts right here every once in awhile. Until he gives in, of course, and gets his own blog . . . . Thanks for sharing, Jim.

“Sunday Morning Still Life”

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  • Anonymous

    Are the tissues for when he realizes his sermon is really bad or for when he realizes how holy he is?


  • ppb

    nice photo!
    And I loved the procrastination blues, too!

  • Jim

    You’re baiting me, aren’t you Amy? Hey, I got my own flickr site. That’s a start isn’t it? Check it out sometime:

  • Tripp Hudgins

    Jim, you must blog. I have heard you preach, seen you be hospitable at a Homiletics Festival…and you are the pastor of That Thar Big BapBtist Church in DC.

    Give it a go!

  • Meredith

    Seriously. Why doesn’t Jim Somerville have a blog?

  • Tripp Hudgins

    Meredith, I just don’t know.

    Jim, you must blog.

  • theobilly


    Come on, the great Mountain State needs more prolific bloggers, the great baptist movement of North America needs another blogging voice.
    If that isnt enough – imagine, for the moment, that you are the low life Rodrigo Mendoza (played by Robert Di Nero) and I am Father Gabriel (played by Jeremy Irons) from the movie the Mission and I challenge you: Do you dare to blog?
    And if that isnt enough – imagine you are Marge Simpson and I am Homer, you refuse to blog and I respond: “Oh yeah, well you (drawn out in classic Homeric fashion) have a gambling problem.”

    That ought to take care of things. Please be seated folks, really that isnt necessary…thank you…really you are too much.

  • Jim

    Theobilly: I loved your comment, but I’m not sure the mountain state or the baptist movement really “needs another blogging voice.” What we all need is a few days sailing on Narragansett Bay in August (hint, hint).

    Amydale: The tissues were for the really awful cold I had that morning. The reading glasses are for my weak and failing eyes. I’m obviously too old and sick to take up something as strenuous as blogging.

    Thanks for the encouragment, gang, but I think I’m going to spend some time working on my book. I’m already up to chapter three, and if I read a few more pages each day who knows? I could get to chapter four by the weekend!