Life’s A Beach

Life’s A Beach August 30, 2007

Just back from a week at the beach where I had the opportunity to learn some critical life lessons:

1. Best not to touch a jellyfish.

2. “even coverage” spray sunscreens do not provide “even coverage”

3. If you happen to be responsible for applying said “even coverage” to another individual’s back, it’s best to go the extra mile and distribute with hands (or those individuals might get mad the next day when they have a back covered with red, painful splotches of sunburn).

4. There are very few-and I mean very few-people who actually look good wearing a bathing suit.

5. It is much easier to drive down to the grocery store and purchase seafood than to catch your own, no matter how exotic the whole idea sounds.

6. Playing football in the surf is actually kind of fun (who knew?).

7. The best way to live is reading at the pace of one great book a day.

8. My family is really fun to hang out with.

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