Beautiful Dreamer

Beautiful Dreamer August 10, 2008

Today in worship we told the story of Joseph and his coat of many colors.  Joseph was the favored child, and he tormented his brothers by telling them all about dreams he’d had–dreams that he was lording it over them.  For our biblical characters, injustice met with violence and the family dysfunction continued . . . but we had another amazing art piece on our altar, created by Caroline Armijo

Caroline described the project for the bulletin: “This week’s art, Joseph’s Coat of Many Colors, was created from large flat sheets of Lokta paper. Lokta papers are created from a sustainably harvested plant, with long fibers perfect for paper making. This paper is composed of hand glued strips of various patterns. I enlarged an origami pattern for a kimono to create the two-foot tall piece.”

Here are some photos, including one with Caroline in front of the altar after worship.  Thanks, John Taylor, for sharing the pictures!



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