A Blog Entry About Nothing: Day 15

A Blog Entry About Nothing: Day 15 June 24, 2010

I will not wait until 11:30 tonight to blog.

I don’t care if I have absolutely nothing to say.

I don’t care if I have pretty much convinced myself it would be more prudent to live the day looking for riveting topics about which to write.

After all, this exercise—blogging every day—is a matter of discipline—you know, writing for the sake of writing.  And, anyway, surely there is some deep kernel of wisdom laying dormant in my psyche, something rich with meaning and spiritual depth, personal insight and life-changing inspiration.

Okay, maybe not.

Lacking anything of this caliber in my conscious mind, I will now commence to give you my thoughts about the poor and grossly overpriced food options available at a large meeting in a downtown convention center.  You would think, with all these people milling around looking for breakfast, for example, that some excellent options might emerge—law of supply and demand and all that.  Sadly, as far as I can tell it’s the same old hotel food…

…for which, of course, I want to be sure that I am deeply grateful, given the fact that many people around the world have nothing to eat for breakfast and would appreciate even my dried out, kind of stale bagel.

And that bagel, let us note, has given me enough carbs to get through the morning and produce this astoundingly brilliant blog entry, for which we can all be thankful, I’m quite sure.

Now, off to find some lunch.

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