Best Laid Plans: Day 19

Best Laid Plans: Day 19 June 28, 2010

My plan for today’s blog entry was to do some fancy link sort of thing so that all of you could hear a podcast from the Taizé Community that I found especially moving.

See, I subscribe the regular podcasts from Taizé, but I am not the most savvy ipod user, so I didn’t realize that once I listen to a podcast it goes away.  I think.  Anyway, I can’t find it, and even if I could, I think we all know it’s rather ridiculous to even think that I could figure out how to put it up on my blog (dear God, I sound like my mother).

So I will tell you that it was a very moving meditation about how the purest nature of God is love, and how if we could just stay really close to God and keep our mouths shut long enough we would be able to learn to love other people even just a little bit like God does.

The Taizé version of this sentiment (surprise, surprise) is slightly more eloquent, as I recall, and I am very sad that it apparently has been forever lost in the great abyss of used podcasts.

But anyway, I still maintain that it was a good idea in theory, amd someday, probably when ipods become obsolete, I will figure out how to do this.

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