Cousin Couples: Day 20

Cousin Couples: Day 20 June 29, 2010

I have resorted to wandering the halls of the church begging people for blog entry ideas.  So desperate was I today that I asked a church member who shall not be named for a suggestion and she thoughtfully (and immediately) suggested the topic “cousin couples.” 

Don’t worry if you have no idea what a cousin couple is—I didn’t either, though I suspected, as I am sure do you, that it is exactly what it says it is.  And, it is.  “Cousin couples” are people who are romantically involved with their cousins.  For further clarification, my church office muse suggested that I head on over to, where, she said, I could easily find more information.

So, now that I know what a cousin couple is, I wonder what profound thoughts might arise around this topic. 


Waiting . . . . 

Well, pretty much the only thing on my mind as I think about this is the question: “Have you met my cousins?”  (Sorry, guys.) 

While there are apparently some deeply important issues related to legislation on this matter pending in the State of Maryland, I personally just cannot get past my initial question.  And since I have now met my 150 word quota for today, I think I will publish this blog entry with the deepest hope that tomorrow’s topic might be a little more profound.

Why God, why are people all over the Internet blogging about issues of deep importance and I am now reduced to this?

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