Summary Thoughts

Summary Thoughts October 15, 2011

A few thoughts from a conversation at the end of a week together in El Salvador.  Calvary members comment:

“At the slum…in the women’s community…they were so proud.”

“Doctors and nurses…Morazone.  Ruth Orantes.   Shalom. They are doing so much.  They are aware of what they don’t have but they just move forward. The people were so gracious.”

“Solidarity with the Latino community.  What it means to be an outsider.  Community investment—what does it mean for me?  How about WIN (Washington Interfaith Network)?”

“I have always admired Amparo.  She does not live in her Dad’s shadow.  How do you live as a child of a parent who does amazing things?  Amparo and Xochitl are so gracious…they have found their own places in the story.”

“I admire the passion they have for helping their community.  Be passionate about what you believe.”

“Partners…Edgar…efforts for peace.  You might know one person—he knows so many!  Pastor Edgar moves in so many worlds.  I feel affection.  I admire that he is so humble and has the love of so many people.”

“I hope people at Calvary appreciate that Pastor Edgar is a pastor to us and a pastor to so many people in El Salvador.”

“I thought I understood our Latino congregation.  I’ve never been comfortable with the level of activism they want the church to endorse…I’ve always thought it wasn’t the church’s place.  My opinion has changed.”

“This was the most ecumenical experience I have ever had in my life…and it has been on a Baptist mission trip.  How strange.”

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