Being a Christian: A Meditation for the Deacons

Being a Christian: A Meditation for the Deacons January 12, 2014

2014 Deacons

Calvary DC Deacon Chair 2014, Rachel Johnson, shared the following meditation during communion with the new 2014 deacon board today.  I loved it.

“The internalizing of openness to God and concern for neighbors is what it means to be a Christian, rather than simply act like a Christian.  That the church can produce this kind of person is a persuasive recommendation for the church.

Within the fellowship of the church, we help one another become such Christians.  Here we can become comrades of our better selves.  We support one another in our highest resolves.  An entire searching congregation turns our attention to the liberation of unrealized possibilities as we respond to the upward call of God.  Even one other person or a small subgroup within the church can sustain our determination to spend more time at devotions and to act differently in society.” from The Guide to Prayer, The Upper Room

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