How Do I Get In Touch Or Communicate With A God Or Daimon?

How Do I Get In Touch Or Communicate With A God Or Daimon? May 10, 2018

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Getting in touch with a deity or a daimon is a matter of what amounts to knowing their territory and establishing a connection to it. While I can liken that to “you gotta know their number” it’s a little more complicated than that. I’ve talked in the past about how to phrase magical requests and much of that ties into your existing relationships with whatever deities or spirits you’re calling on.

In short, this short primer may help to create those relationships.

You need to know about a god to talk to a god. More accurately, you gotta know where they hang out, their likes and dislikes–not to mention what’s traditional for them and how people have viewed them in the past in order to gain valuable clues on what’s worked. After all, why reinvent the wheel? Once you feel that you have enough information to do what amounts to a basic ritual offering to them, then you Do The Thing. After that it’s really a matter of striking that fine balance between making sure you’ve done your research as much as you genuinely can and not obsessing over every minor detail to the point where you get in your own way.

So without further adieu, here’s a lovely checklist to go by that works regardless of tradition:

  • Prayer. How is prayer done in the culture that the deity exists in?
  • Ritual. How is ritual to that god conducted? Look to accomplish what amounts to a simple offering rite.
  • Presents! Gods love presents. We like to refer to those as “offerings”. It can be as simple as incense, a libation of water or wine, a particular food, you name it. Find out what the god was traditionally offered and do that. Also find out how that particular faith handled offerings afterwards. Some cultures either consumed them after the rite was over, put them outside, or disposed of them respectfully in a separate trash receptacle.

Basically what you’re doing is establishing a connection with that particular deity and hopefully over time developing a relationship. Some gods may be easier to connect to than others and much of that may depend on you personally. Either way, give it a go and see what happens.

In regards to daimons (any sort of being not strictly classified as a god but still given cultus) in general, I would follow a similar approach. Some might not like offerings directly but may have some other traditional method of demonstrating a desire to connect with them and honor them accordingly, usually via some sort of hierarchy.

For the Greek gods, I made this fairly simple and developed website online with footnotes on the basics of Hellenic prayer and ritual. You can find it here.

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