7 Great Posts on Witchcraft You Missed

7 Great Posts on Witchcraft You Missed December 25, 2017

Did you miss reading these articles in 2017? Most of these include really helpful approaches to difficult issues, and a couple are fun explorations of concepts.  Some of them might come in handy right this moment as you deal with holiday/family stresses!

By the way, this particular collection is inspired by John Beckett’s post.  I’m not really good at keeping track of traffic analytics – not because I don’t enjoy geeking out on it though.  No, usually I’m just too busy to remember to look at them.  Derp. So I decided to look back at the year and pull out 7 posts that didn’t get as much love as others, but I think are definitely worth a read and a share.  Sometimes a post just comes out at a bad time so folks just don’t see it, so they miss out on reading the post since it doesn’t pop up in their feed. So if you like something, feel free to share it!  Thanks!

conflict-bannerA Witch’s Guide to Thriving in Conflict:
Conflict resolution for Witches – with the “Four of Swords” method

communication-bannerRecognizing Self & The Other (A Spell of Communication):
The power of being able to connect with other people, truly.

Still from Monty Python & The Holy Grail

One God, A Multitude of Jerks? :
A tongue-in-cheek exploration of what happens when gods propagate…

harpoonharpyHarpooning Harpies While Dancing With Dragons:
Dealing with “dragons” in the community

labyrinth-bannerNavigating the Witch’s Maze in Dark Times:
A look at the labyrinth and self-doubt

happywitchBreaking 5: Confessions of a Happy Witch:
5 Secrets to unlocking happiness

listiclebanner10 Things I love About Pwords:
The title pretty much says it all – 10 words I love about Pwords (Pagans, Polytheists, etc)

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