Tempest’s 5 Favorite Posts of 2017

Tempest’s 5 Favorite Posts of 2017 December 26, 2017

Shortly I will get around to posting the most popular posts of 2017.  But regardless of webstats ranking, I wanted to share with you what five posts from this past year are on my list of favorites.  There is no ranking order, and they’re quite a mix of different topics and forms.  How Gemini of me.

dorkwitchTitle: The Dork Witch: The Art of Humor in the Craft
Why I love this post: I’m long over being perceived as “cool” or whatever the kids call it these days.  I embrace humor and being a dork in my practice, because I really don’t give a flying fuck what other people think of me.  However, I will reserve the right to judge people on their lack of reading comprehension over certain things.

flood1Title: Flood: An Anthem Album For Our Times
Why I love this post: I managed to link an album released by They Might Be Giants in 1990 as being extremely relevant to our current times.  That itself was a magickal feat of something! Also, see above.

wearearadia2Title: The Charge of the New Aradia
Why I love this post: Part of the #WeAreAradia movement, I wrote a new “charge.”  I have read this poem now multiple times in public settings, and every single time, it gives people chills. I rarely write poetry anymore, but I’m pretty darn proud of this piece.

gods-bannerTitle: The Gods Who Come With Us
Why I love this post: This piece is a very unusual one.  While I often get ideas for posts as I’m falling asleep at night, this post is an excerpt from a very profound-feeling dream I had.  It’s presented like a strange story, and to me, it retains that odd dreamlike quality, while delivering quite the message.

moon-blogbannerTitle: Slagging Down The Moon
Why I love this post: It never cases to amaze me how often and how long people will hold on to rumors and poorly-informed ideas. Decades in fact. If we don’t allow ourselves to take in new information or reconsider opinions and stances we’ve taken, we make pretty shit-tastic Witches.

conspiracybannerTitle: Welcome to the Conspiracy
Why I love this post: I was having a really rough week, dealing with all kinds of stresses.  Apparently when I engage in writing snark, it can be quite cathartic.  I felt worlds better after writing this, even if the issue I was writing about didn’t really have anything to do with all of the other stresses.

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