The Best of A Modern Traditional Witch

The Best of A Modern Traditional Witch December 29, 2017

Hi folks!  Here is my last round-up post for 2017 – it’s the top 5 most popular posts of this past year.  They have received the most amount of shares/unique hits out of all of the posts for the calendar year.  What I’m also pretty darn happy about is that each of these posts represents something to close to my own heart.  They represent what I teach, how I see the world, and what I personally work on practicing each and every day.  So I’m incredibly happy to know that they have been well-received and much loved (or hated lol).

authentic6 Keys To Being An Authentic Witch
from March –  “What does it mean to be authentic? Defined it means: “To be real, genuine, verified, representing one’s true nature or beliefs, to be true to oneself.”

Detail from the Witch Essence series painting "Smoke" by the author Winter Solstice: Burn It Down
from December
So we have reached the shortest day, the longest night.  We’re prepared to celebrate the returning of the light. But there’s a hitch in this myth for the modern day.”

photo collage by the author

 The Dangers of Witchcraft
This is technically from November 2016, but it keeps going like the energizer bunny of blog posts. –  “I think we need to dig deeper into history and ourselves to discover the danger – and most importantly, to make use of it.”

darkdeityDark Deities Aren’t Getting Popular – They’re Necessary
 August – “But there’s a more profound reason why “dark” deities are becoming more and more visible: they’re needed for the times we are in.”

Witch’s Guide to Etiquette
April – and the top post for 2017 is this handy dandy guide to etiquette! Who knew I could be the Miss Manners of Witchcraft? (certainly not me, nor my mother…)
“The following are 8 guidelines to effective Witchcraft and working with any community in an intelligent capacity.  And keeping your broom clear of the dramallama.”

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