Introducing 6 Minutes of Witchcraft

Introducing 6 Minutes of Witchcraft December 27, 2018

You know what’s missing when you’re reading my blog?  Big hand gestures and serious eyebrow game. And the sound of my voice (though that may be a perk.) Unless you’ve taken a workshop with me, you’re only getting a bit of the actual experience. (Again, whether this is a good or bad thing is debatable…)

So, finally after a couple years of people asking me to do the thing, I have done the thing: I started up a YouTube channel/program.  Behold!

I know enough tech stuff to be dangerous, so I was dubious about tackling this kind of media.  But considering how popular it seems to be with kids these days, I reasoned it can’t be that hard. (Right?) And when my friend and neighbor Jim of Divine Hand Palmistry offered to show me how to do it, how could I not?

In order to make this a regular thing, I decided there had to be some stipulations:
-each episode will be just 6 minutes long.  I wanted something that was short, to the point, and my tablet can easily record without running out of space.  Also, it balances out the amount of time I’d normally spend writing a blog post – where it doesn’t matter if I combed my hair or put on make-up, nor do I need to set-up lights or wait for an upload, and check the closed captions automation for typos.

-minimal editing, if any (another perk of keeping it short).
-episodes will be recorded at least twice a month, if not more, depending on my mood

I’ll be working on improving the tech each episode, down to the basics like making sure I’m looking at the little tiny camera hole on the tablet. (It’s harder than one might think, especially when there’s a reversed screen looking back at you, but you can’t make eye contact with yourself, because that’s not where the camera is.) I could have come up with some cool name, but that would have only resulted in me putting this off longer.  But I guess I can always come up with something later.  For now, it’s simple and to the point.

Every episode will focus on something Witchcraft related.  So if there’s a question or topic you’d like to see my cover, please subscribe to the channel and leave a comment.

Thanks so much!

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