Simple Magic IS Advanced Magic (6 Minutes of Witchcraft)

Simple Magic IS Advanced Magic (6 Minutes of Witchcraft) February 17, 2022

Whether it’s art, witchery, dance, etc – if you’re thinking “this is too simple, I need something more advanced” – it’s often a sign that you might need to go back to square one. Because the reality is that you’ve likely not gotten “simple” down. Simple is the foundation, the bones of a solid, effective practice. Don’t be deceived into thinking that just because something seems easy, simple, or basic, that it isn’t as powerful as something that looks “advanced” or complicated.

You’ve likely heard the expression “KISS” as in “Keep It Simple Stupid.” This phrase is accredited to Kelly Johnson – the lead engineer at the Lockheed Skunk Works and meant to be a design principle. The concept is that in designing something, it needs to be user-intuitive and easy to understand, especially when used under pressure (life and death situations).

The idea sounds easy enough, but putting it into practice is a whole other ball of wax. We have a tendency to be drawn to the complex and complicated, but it’s the simple that often translate best. One of the biggest challenges I faced as a fashion jewelry designer was simplifying designs to hit my target market (often literally, Target.) I’d often create a design and then have to pick it apart to get it back down to basics, to what was essential for the design to be successful.

I’ve seen the same approach across the board as a teacher – whether it’s been dance, art, or magic. Folks want to race ahead to the fancy bits, perceiving them as being more advanced, meanwhile failing to get the essential basics thoroughly under their belt. But while certain concepts may seem “basic”, mastering them so they come naturally and appear to be easy or simple can be quite a challenge. I’d amend Johnson’s statement a bit to “Keep It Simple Seeker.” In this short video, I delve deeper into what it means to embrace simplicity:

About Laura Tempest Zakroff
Laura Tempest Zakroff is a professional artist, author, performer, and Modern Traditional Witch based in New England. She holds a BFA from RISD (the Rhode Island School of Design), and her artwork has received awards and honors worldwide. Her work embodies myth and the esoteric through her drawings and paintings, jewelry, talismans, and other designs. Laura is the author of the bestselling Llewellyn books Weave the Liminal, Sigil Witchery, and Anatomy of a Witch, as well as the Liminal Spirits Oracle (artist/author), The Witch’s Cauldron, and co-author of The Witch’s Altar with Jason Mankey. Laura edited The New Aradia: A Witch’s Handbook to Magical Resistance (Revelore Press). She is the creative force behind several community events and teaches workshops online and worldwide. You can read more about the author here.
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