6 Minutes of Witchcraft: Dealing with Grief

6 Minutes of Witchcraft: Dealing with Grief August 10, 2020

For several months now, when I’ve asked about questions and topics for my Six Minutes of Witchcraft videos, the subject of grief and how to deal with it has come up repeatedly. Definitely an important and timely topic, but as I was struggling to deal with some of my own grief, I wasn’t exactly sure how to best address it for others. So I sat with it for a while, contemplating.  As I started up the Witchual Workout series last week, the subject came bubbling up again, so I felt it was time to dig in.

So this episode touches upon dealing with grief. Not just loss from death, but other kinds of grief we are all experiencing right now. I think it’s vital to understand that nearly everyone is working through a kind of grief.  Loss of plans, of jobs, of need to find new solutions to things you thought were solved, etc. These all take a toll on us, and most people don’t even realize it.  When you consider the 5 stages of grief (denial, anger, bargaining, depression, acceptance), you’ll see exactly what I mean present in the world around us.

Links and more below after the video.

Some links and resources:

The Cauldron of Motion deals with what moves us, matters of the heart. We tend to focus on physical, mental, or spiritual health, not realizing how much our emotional baggage can weigh us down.  Here’s a movement exercise for addressing this area: Witchual Workout – Cauldron of Motion  (you may also enjoy working with the other exercises leading up to this video, as well as the ones immediately afterward. Including the one for today that works with the Waning Moon and focuses on releasing/banishing energy.)

The oil that I mentioned – not sure if Lyra has this one up on her site right now, but you can certainly contact her.  Her oils are beautifully crafted and high quality:

Spiral Moon Herbcraft – Grief Healing Oil

Psychopomp Sigil – I didn’t specifically mention this sigil, but if you are looking for a sigil to help aid with dealing with the grief from a loved one passing over, this is the ideal sigil.  It can also be used to help others cross over peacefully or lend support to others dealing with grief.

What methods have you found to be effective for working with grief? Share them in the comments!

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