Sigils to Protect the Vote

Sigils to Protect the Vote October 10, 2020

Here in the US, we’re less than a month away than from a major election and it’s vital that if you’re able to vote, that you do and that your vote gets counted. This is no ordinary election with so much on the line for the state of nation – every vote matters.  Your vote impacts not only what happens at the national level, but has a huge effect on what happens at a local level – which is where everything starts.  Local elections can be won just over a handful of votes, so don’t buy the bullshit that your vote doesn’t count. Own your power and use it.

So as we navigate complications caused by the pandemic and an administration that seems hellbent on disenfranchising as many people as possible, here is a little magical aid to help make sure your vote gets counted. These sigils can also be used to amplify and protect voter rights and access in areas that are under attack.  The first is a brand new sigil that I’ll break down below, and two are ones that were crafted in 2018 that are still very applicable today.

The Bullseye Ballot Sigil 

With so many folks turning to mail-in ballots this year (which is a tried and true process that has been used successfully in many states for years), the following is a sigil that helps make sure your ballot gets delivered on time and gets counted.

Included in this sigil:
– directly hitting the target (vote is received and counted)
– making sure your vote/your voice is seen and included
– ballot is protected from tampering or delays
– encourages good health/trust/truth in the system
– wards off negativity/bad intentions/reduces the power of those seeking to cause harm

Bullseye Ballot Sigil – High Resolution

To Draw This Sigil:
1) Draw a firm dot “.”
2) From the dot, draw “V” (the dot being the base/crux of the V)
3) Draw a circle around the dot/base of the V
4) On each arm of the V, draw a > facing up to create the arrow tails/fletching
5) Draw a crescent moon facing down that overlaps both arms
6) Draw a “+” between the V arms, and place an “X”  to the south, east, and west of the eye.

It is vital that you fill out and return your mail-in ballot as soon as you receive it.  Do make sure to carefully follow the directions regarding the security envelope, signature, and postage (if required).  This sigil can be easily and discreetly drawn on the inside flap of the outer envelope in the sticky area before you seal it. It will then become basically invisible and won’t be seen by anyone once sealed AND becomes part of the envelope. Don’t mark the sigil on the outside of the envelope or anywhere else where it may be seen. You could also draw it with your finger on the envelope if drawing the sigil so small isn’t an option for you.

Placing the sigil on the exterior envelope in the area where it will be sealed will make it virtually invisible and unseen.

Also!!! DO check for local official dropboxes where you can deposit your ballot safely if you’re worried about the mail system.

Other Sigils to Aid With Voting
As I mentioned, there are two earlier sigils that are very handy right now.  There is the Get Out & Vote Sigil:

Get Out & Vote Sigil

This sigil helps to encourage folks to participate in the voting process. Every vote counts!  Then there is the Sigil to Protect Voting Rights – which is especially handy to direct aid to areas where tampering, gerrymandering, voter intimidation, and other means of trying to disenfranchise or dissuade people from voting is a very serious issue.  Both of these sigils can be applied to candles, directed towards polling areas, drawn on the skin with oil/worn discreetly, etc.

A Sigil for Protecting Voting Rights

You can find out more about the history of these sigils and what went into them on this blog post:

Creative Commons License
Bullseye Ballot Sigil by Laura Tempest Zakroff is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

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Sigils to Protect the Vote
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