6 Minutes: Witchcraft Isn’t Free

6 Minutes: Witchcraft Isn’t Free February 28, 2021

I’ve got a backload of topics I want to bring up on 6 Minutes of Witchcraft, and now that I’ve cut the Witchual Workout down to 4 days a week, I’m hoping to bring this series back to you more regularly. 

In today’s episode I’m discussing why I don’t believe Witchcraft is “free.” Sure you can wildcraft or grow plants yourself, borrow books from the library and friends, thrift tools and what have you, and completely do everything on a budget or spend nothing monetarily at all. But that’s not what I’m talking about here.

Inspired by some recent discussions, I tweeted the following: “In Witchcraft, the words “free” and “having no monetary cost” are not necessarily synonymous nor relevant. Everything has a value, there’s always an exchange.” The following delves into what do I mean by that:


  • I feel like it’s a bit ominous and fantastical to say, “There’s ALWAYS a cost!” – feels like something out a movie. But scientifically, that’s true – this is how life works, there’s always an exchange happening, always input and output in order to survive. Cost in terms of money is a stand-in for that exchange, but it’s not usually accurate in the same kind of application, and more often symbolic. 
  • Some things are very easy to manifest and others take a lot of work, but both still have an investment on some level, be it upfront or down the road. It may be in a form you understand and acknowledge, or not.
  • If you’ve been at it for a while, things definitely seem a lot easier, but that’s because you have invested your time, focus, and experience previously. It may not have seemed like hard work and even was enjoyable, but there was still time spent.
  • If you’re a new practitioner and something seems super easy, there’s likely another area in your life where you’ve already built up similar skills that transfer very well.
  • Or there’s something you just have a natural knack for because of how your brain works, but there’s going to be other things that are much harder (that others find easy.)
  • Even the state of your body plays a role, and what is invested in maintaining it or working past physical, emotional, or mental issues.
  • Power is subtle. It rarely comes with special effects and giant booms.
  • Maintaining relationships with spirits, deities, ancestors, etc – also feeds into the exchange.
  • The episode I mention about Money & Witchcraft can be found here: https://youtu.be/TAX_BAi6a8s
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