When Should You Do A Spell?

When Should You Do A Spell? January 16, 2022

If you spend much time online in occult spaces, there’s a lot of discussion about spells and practicing magic. Chances are, if you stop by any bookstore that has at least one shelf on Witchcraft, a large percentage of the books are all about spells or at least include an array of them. Spells seem to be a HUGE part of doing magic and practicing Witchcraft – but are they really? I see a lot of folks worrying that they’re not “doing enough” because their daily practice doesn’t include specific spellwork.

When most people hear or read the word “spell”, it tends to conjure up the mixing of special ingredients, the lighting of candles, brewing something up in a cauldron, chanting specific words, or following an elaborate ritual. But I think we’re missing out on the essence of magical living when we limit magic to these specific occasions, or think we have to turn to spells to solve every problem.

In this episode of 6 Minutes of Witchcraft, I talk about why I don’t do what most people think of as spells very often. I hope both new and experienced practitioners alike will find it useful.

Keep in mind, I’m not anti-spell at all. And there’s occasions where I might not have something specific in mind, but I just feel the need to do something in that moment – so not every spell working is a BIG thing. It’s just not the end-all, be-all for my practice, nor is it going to be the first thing I run to when solving problems. Magic isn’t a band-aid.

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