House and Senate “moving toward each other?”

House and Senate “moving toward each other?” May 25, 2006

California Conservative thinks perhaps they are moving toward each other on immigration.

Considering how pissed off America is with all of them, that might be wise. I’m thinking there must be some ground between the “no amnesty” rock and the “give it all away” hard place.

Writes California Conservative:

Jim Sensenbrenner is exactly right about it being difficult, if not impossible, to “have legal proceedings to deport 11 to 12 million people.” If he’s saying that nothing “is a dealbreaker” at this point, then I’d think that this has a strong chance of coming out of conference with a wall, a strong, beefed-up border enforcement force, strong employer penalties for hiring illegal immigrants and a guest worker program.

If this comes together and the President is able to sign that legislation, a big issue will be put behind the GOP. Most importantly, if the bill is serious about enforcing our borders via the wall and a muscular Border Patrol, then I think conservatives will tolerate the legislation. They won’t like what they call amnesty but I think they’d have to come around if border security is serious and catch-and-release is ended.

I agree. I think most will come around. Some, of course, never will.

AJ Says it’s a bit step forward.

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