“Yes we will use a Consecrated Host” at Harvard “Black Mass”

“Yes we will use a Consecrated Host” at Harvard “Black Mass” May 7, 2014

Following up on this post, I have made a couple of phone calls to the The Cambridge Queen’s Head where Madelyn, an events manager, first promised to “research this,” saying that her computers were down. During a subsequent conversation, sounding very flustered, she and told me she had no comment to offer at the moment. Confirming that she is the Events manager, she promised a response later today.

She did confirm to another caller that the Harvard Cultural Exchange is having an event there, on May 12.

UPDATE: I just spoke to Priya Dua, PR director for The Satanic Temple and she has confirmed that yes, they have obtained and will use a Consecrated Host during this “re-enactment”. She is hopefully putting me in touch with someone who will answer my questions about how the Host was obtained, what they think they’re doing by using a Consecrated, as opposed to unconsecrated Host, and more.

On its Facebook page, the Harvard Extension says it is looking into things.

Stay tuned…
this is either as real as it gets or an elaborate game. Or perhaps both. I am aware that the only source we have concerning the use of a Consecrated Host is the Satanic Temple, and that they could simply be looking for publicity.

Meanwhile: Harvard Extension channels Pilate. Black Mass, Shinto Tea Ceremony, what’s the diff? It’s academic! :-)

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