Scanning the ‘sphere: Kelo, Neanderthals & Gullibility Version

Scanning the ‘sphere: Kelo, Neanderthals & Gullibility Version June 4, 2007

Dept of Money in fridge makes time in the cooler: John is covering Congressman William Jefferson’s (D-La) being indicted. Ed Morrissey points out what is to what goes unsaid:

Jerry Markon and Allan Lengel never bother to mention that Pelosi later assigned him to the high-profile Homeland Security committee, [low-profile Small Business Committee] and that he sits there still.

Ed noted his correction, but I think it was an easy mistake because – as I recall it – Pelosi only refused him the other committee when it became problematic for her…but I could be wrong. Anyhow, it sure is interesting how the AP didn’t put D-La after Jefferson’s name (somehow when Dems are in trouble, the D never does follow their name) but noble-sounding Nancy does get D-Calif after her name. Just interesting, that’s all. Also, Don Surber gives us Nancy then, and Nancy now.

Dept. of Well, if you’re depressed, you’re better off dead, here, let us help you with that:
Dymphna writes of Swiss Clinics assisting suicide for depressed people. Because, you know…compassion is deeper than religion. Or something.

Dept. of Even I’m not gullible enough to believe Carbon Offsets are anything less than a Gore-get-rich-scheme: Blue Crab Boulevard says oh, come on, already! and notes that others are saying it too. Dincocrat finds a book reviewer not falling in line with the Gore-adorees. Kyoto is a fraud. This is not, but because it’s Bush-in-origin those who are finally noticing it are spinning it like mad. And no, there is no consensus on “manmade” global warming. Hoo-hah is hoo-hah. I’m a “manmade” denialist. Better than being a terrorism denialist. Read on.

Dept of there is no jihad, there is no terrorism and Mohammed is his prophet: Jawa Report finds some on the left predictably burying its head. You’ll never convince us you’re strong on security if you continue to believe that George W. Bush is the only real terrorist in the world and that the rest is crapola. Sorry, it’s just not as easy as you’d like it to be.

Dept. of the wrong president is in office so you didn’t read this: Jobs up, economy up. What’s that 10 quarters or more, now?

Dept. of If Newsweek is noticing, it might be true: Anbar province is bringing hope.

Dept. of One of Bush’s Biggest Blunders: That would be his DOJ letting Sandy Berger off so lightly. No, we’ll never know what big mistake by Berger, Clinton, Hillary or whomever was being covered up in the destruction of National Archive documents, and maybe – it’s possible – we can’t know for security reasons. But dammit, this fellow deserved more than a loss of license, a small fine, a “har-har that’s Sandy” from Clinton and his security clearances back just in time for Hillary’s assumed presidency. This and McCain-Feingold; two (of more than several) times I have wanted to take the president by the shoulders and say, “what the hell were you thinking?”

Dept. of I May Poll You Guys, Soon: Kate of Small Dead Animals polls over 600 readers and discovers – with tongue firmly planted in cheek – that over ten percent of them are “highly-educated, highly learned and experienced bunch of mouth-breathing knuckle draggers…” Actually, if I recall, Ted Kennedy called conservative bloggers “Neanderthals,” but the spirit is the same. I have a friend in media who hadn’t much respect for bloggers or blog-readers, until recently, when he met with their appreciation and suddenly came to regard them as being of a fairly high-caliber after all!

Dept. of First they Came for the ‘Other Guy’s’ House: Patrick at Stubborn Facts sounds a warning on Eminent Domain abuse – something we’ve all sort of shoved to the back of our minds, for now. He features an interesting original interview also found here. If you haven’t been thinking about where the KELO ruling can take you, start.

Dept. of Chump asked for debate, chump got invited to debate and didn’t come: James Taranto of the WSJ says, hey, NRO, we invited you to debate first! Transcript of what the WSJ ended up with. When my kids starting fighting like this I would just close the door and let them duke it out.

Dept. of Yes, he is a bad guy: Gateway Pundit has Brazil’s response to Hugo Chavez, for whom some lefties are still making excuses, btw.

Dept of So, who says you have to be educated to have an opinion: Siggy looks at the big thinkers of our day. Although, I do believe even the uneducated (like me) can bring common sense to bear on issues.

Dept. of Yes, keep this in mind as you disagree with someone over something as dumb as politics: An enemy isn’t someone with whom you simply disagree and you have to love ’em anyway. That’s what raises humanity.

Dept. of Death or Glory: The Queen’s soldiers in Iraq.

Dept of Damn Straight and good question: Betsy Newmark relays a good question from Nat Hentoff

Dept of Damn Straight and Wish I’d Written it: Dr. Helen on a book whose time has come. Somewhat related, why this nannystate-ism makes us less free. Don’t say you weren’t warned.

Dept. of Anchoress Never Need Write on Faith Again:
because this guy does it so well.

Dept. of Chump don’t worry about voting games, chump get voting games:
Obama knows his way around a ballot. Voter suppression is real, by the way.

Dept of Hallelujah gets you through the darkest day:
brought to you by Kim at Musing Minds. Buster knows another.

Dept of When will the Anchoress write about Conservative Anger, Bush, Betrayal and Immigration:
When she feelses like it, my preciouses! When she feelses like it! Which may be soon.

Dept of Tin Cups: Rick Moran tries to keep a career/economic experiment afloat. Yes, as I strongly identify, I tossed a bit his way.

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