So, who DO "true" conservatives want to vote for?

So, who DO "true" conservatives want to vote for? February 11, 2008

At Pink Flamingo, the question is, why didn’t any of the “true conservatives” back Brownback:

I don’t know about you but I am sick and tired of listening to the far right multi-million dollar, radio show, talking, narcissistic heads reject Sam Brownback’s Presidential bid? He’s nearly the perfect Reagan conservative. He has charisma, TV-Q. He is smart, handsome, personable, and would have gone far if conservative talk radio had jumped on his bandwagon.

Sam Brownback was the PERFECT conservative candidate, but not one, not one of our top shelf bloggers, let alone our Suicide Bomber conservative talk show hosts would even lift a pinky to support him. Doesn’t it make a person wonder about this sort of thing?

First there were not “true” conservatives, even though Brownback was probably the most conservative of the bunch. Then there were no true “Reagan” conservatives, even though Brownback calls himself that. Perhaps the problems was the fact that Brownback, far too honorable for our Suicide Bomber Conservative radio hosts, called Tom Tancredo down for supporting John Tanton. This leads to another question. Are these people in the tank for Tancredo?

Then none of our candidates was religious enough. Mike Huckabee went religious. He was then too religious.

Would you make up your minds?

I was’t following the Tancredo claptrap, but I note that HE is not the presumptive GOP nominee, either.

This is what I keep wondering – there is all this footstomping about McCain, but if you really wanted Romney all along, you’d have supported him all along, and Thompson did not really want your support, he just wanted to audition for Veep.

So who, really DID the “true conservatives” really want for president this year? Why am I still not hearing any names being bandied about – why am I still hearing only bitching…which is the easiest part of Democracy? :-)

Meanwhile, the Pink Flamingo has a lot more to say and is calling Rush Limbaugh Captain Ahab, to boot!

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