Rheotical Mishaps vs Sheer Naïveté

Rheotical Mishaps vs Sheer Naïveté June 6, 2008

Via Liberty Film Festival and Liberty Film Festival

As they say over at Libertas – one man made a pile of rhetorical mistakes, the other is amassing a pile of real errors, and – to quote: “[Bush’s] list is a record accumulated over nearly a decade. How long’s Obama been around?”

And yes, naive is applicable, too.

Maybe Obama makes fewer “rhetorical” slips (although that’s changing, too) because he says the same thing in any given situation, as with all the friends now revealing sides he’d never seen before. When he’s not backtracking.

It’s all starting to feel a little too “Dear Leaderesque” for me. A little too, “please control us” for my liking.

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