Gov. Palin's "muscular world of action…"

Gov. Palin's "muscular world of action…" September 3, 2008

In an email, Steve Schippert of Threatswatch sent this piece by Victor Davis Hanson, on Why We Like Palin So Much – I personally think much of it is due to her authenticity – but I liked the whole piece and was taken with this excerpt:

If she can beat off the frothing Newsweek/MSNBC/New York Times inbred rabid wolves, and do it with the grace she has shown so far, she will fill a deep yearning among Americans for someone like her…

So apparently they are eager to see a rare politician who is unapologetic about America’s past achievements (cf. Obama’s “tragic history” and need for more “oppression studies”), and who reminds us with pride that a muscular world of action, not community organizing, creates the bounty that others use and take for granted but so often sneer at the methods of its acquisition.

Right now, there are millions rooting for her in a way not true of Biden—and many who are criticizing her don’t have a clue why that it is so. [- emphasis mine – admin]

Well done, sir. I’m hoping Gov. Palin’s speech tonight is a knockout. The thing is, she actually has nothing to lose by going out there and infuriating the press and the Dems…they already despise her more than they do Bush, almost.

In other news, some Palin and some palincomparison (I couldn’t resist):

Obama & Bill Ayers, the story that will never actually be told. The press is embargoing it rather like they did John Kerry’s military records. They’re just going to ignore it. But…if there is nothing there, why are they treating the story like it’s so toxic? If there is nothing there, why not just address it? The press and the DNC want us to hire someone that we’re not actually allowed to meet. Also just like John Kerry.

Is Obama Racist? I’m not so sure. I think it’s too easy to call someone a “racist” and that race is as complicated for him, sometimes, as it is for anyone. But this has been sent to me several times, so, here you go.

WaPo: Yes, Palin DID have her doctor’s permission to fly back to Alaska. I still can’t help thinking that women managed to birth babies for centuries without needing doctor’s permissions to do things, that the wisdom they gleaned from previous pregnancies and their own instincts used to also matter and count for something.

Lorie Byrd wonders if tonight the press and Angry Left will have an “oops” moment, and wish they had not made an intrigued public quite so intrigued with Palin. On the other hand, President Bush has been able to let the hate of the press and the Angry Left roll off his back, and not return in kind. Is Palin strong enough, and secure enough to overcome and transcend this absurd fire being directed at her? We’ll see.

I didn’t post this yesterday because I didn’t want it to get lost in all the Palinsanity: Neo-neocon’s Three Ancient Tales of Unwed Pregnancies

Surprising Stuff from Slate, where they’re actually thinking instead of just REACTING: The Invisible Pregnancies of Presidential Daughters;

Is Sarah Palin the first nominee on a major-party presidential ticket whose daughter got pregnant out of wedlock? Or is she just the first whose daughter didn’t get an abortion?

The reason you’re reading about Bristol Palin’s pregnancy is that she’s taking it to term. If she had aborted it, you’d never have known. Which raises the question: How many other daughters of nominees have gotten knocked up without your knowledge?

Similar thought here.

Ed Driscoll: Is Joe Biden borrowing stuff, again? And does Obama know that Gov. Palin is, umm…a Governor?

David Kahane: We hate you Sarah Palin, because you’re not on our side.

Bookworm exhibits the reach of the MSM tentacles, particularly amid the elderly, who still believe – as my husband’s relatives do, “it’s in the paper, it must be true.” The auld dears think the press is still what it was, with the same credibility it had 50 years ago.

At Inside Catholic, Mary Jo Anderson offers: The Other Side of Change; Obama and Saul Alinksy You’ll want to read that.

Oh, and while you’re over there, check out my review of Greater Than You Think: A Theologian Answers the Atheists about God by Thomas D. Williams, LC. He takes on the “new atheist” bestsellers by Christopher Hitchens, Sam Harris and others, and it is a fun, fast, enlightening and thoughtful read.

Speaking of Brits, and we weren’t, really, They seem to “get” why we love Palin better than the extreme left over here.

Villainous Company: delivers an angry fisking to the Palin Deranged Nonsense and misinformation. Then she goes and gets profound, here. Still, I wish we could get clear: is a 17 year old a mature woman who can get an abortion and be respected for her choice, or is she a child who needs the careful, full-time supervision of her mother? It CANNOT be both.

Gov. Sarah Palin prayed a prayer that people of faith understand, but people without faith really don’t. This is the problem. They really don’t understand how benign and humble such a prayer is, and what they do not understand, they fear. And that may explain their fear of Palin in a nutshell.

Sarah & Todd Palin’s future son-in-law, who seems like your basic young man, will be joining the family at the convention. Makes sense. I hope this family is heartened by their reception there.

The tape you know Joe Biden is watching: Palin in a Gubernatorial debate. She does very well here, but neither of these men is a low-down attack-dog like Biden. Read that sneaky link, and you’ll see she’s got to be ready for him. Especially the “Governor, I know Hillary Clinton and you’re no Hillary Clinton,” line. Best response I’ve yet heard: Sarah should say, “there you go again, plagiarizing!”

Maggie’s Farm: a great bunch of links you don’t find everywhere, as usual.

LGF notes that the dishonest left blogosphere has purged and dumped it’s demented “Trig is Bristol’s baby” nonsense (although I know Huffpo has its share of insistent true believers, still). “Let’s pretend we did not act like lunatics and animals to a woman 5 months post-partum and a newly pregnant teenager.” LGF calls them borderline sociopaths. The borderline part is debatable, I think.

Flopping Aces notes that Obama’s first attempt at forceful leadership has failed, as the press and the libs refuse to leave Palin’s family alone.

Ohhhh, can we do that? Can someone put a sheet up and video a “Leave Palin alone!” Video? Only, don’t make it pathetic like the Britney one. Turn it around on them. “Leave Palin alone! Don’t you see what it’s doing to you? And you are horrifying me! How can I love you, media, look at you, you’re grotesque! I love you! I love you! Leave Palin alone, before you get any uglier!” Sort of like Kraemer trying to break up with someone he hated.

Ace: Childless Bachelor Mark Shields: Sarah Palin is Cruel for Exposing Her Daughter to the Hatred and Slanders Which I and My Media Friends Must Now Inflict Upon Her. ::WARNING: Coarse, vulgar, not for the feint of heart. Brutal and Honest and Angry::

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