A Rare Book Generating Real Discussion Between Generations

A Rare Book Generating Real Discussion Between Generations July 16, 2015

tweetingwgodDon Michel Remery’s Tweeting With God is a book I heartily recommended in my recent Summer Reading Recommends post, where I called it, “a great book if you have a long drive before you and curious, bored teens in the back of the car.”

It is that, but it’s also a great book to keep around the family room, for your kids to pick up and read; it’s a great book for the nightstand, when you’re looking for something entertaining and informative to read, before calling it a night.

In short, Tweeting With God is one of those books you need to have “out and about” in your household, and not kept just shoved in a bookcase. It is a conversation generator between generations; it is catechesis rendered almost painfree. What a tool it is for discussing our teachings with kids and teens, and for brushing up adult understanding!

It also happens to be a great-looking book which, for some of us bibliophiles, matters a lot. When a book is well-designed, eye-catching throughout, printed on better paper and a pleasure to hold in the hand, ahh! It is a valuation bonus.

Yes, you should get this book, and if you need further convincing of that fact, the Patheos Book Club can help, as today they are launching a close look at Tweeting With God that includes not just one excerpt, not just two excerpts, but three excellent excerpts so you can really get a sense of it.

(And yes, if you’re wondering, I did feel just a little bit like Count Von Count, as I wrote that!)

You can read my interview Don Michel, here — I had questions; he had answers! — and reviews and thoughtful discussion about the book are beginning to hit the roundtable.

Kathy Schiffer gives it a rave, and also notes the useful features of the free “Tweeting With God App” (#TwGOD), available through iTunes or Googleplay. Yes, this book is so complete, it has its own app.

Remery’s Twitter handle is @DonMichelRemery, and you’ll want to follow his adventures as Tweeting With God goes into global release. This initial outing answers 200 questions, but we are talking about Twitter and God, here, so I anticipate (and hope for) another edition (perhaps several), featuring more questions, so keeping up with Remery should be interesting!

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