McCain/Palin Button & More Obama/McCain/Palin

McCain/Palin Button & More Obama/McCain/Palin September 4, 2008

After reading the griping from the left that Gov. Palin was “too snarky” and “disrespectful” to Obama (who, if he wants to be president will have to get as tough as President Bush in the face of criticism), I asked Shana if she could create a new button, with the words “Audacity & Hope” or “Audacious & Hopeful.” She did a great job!

More Shana Buttons Here

I like the button so much, I’ll keep it at top for the day!

John Wayne, in Lipstick. 7:43 PM

Message to GOP and Conservatives: Don’t get ahead of yourselves. Don’t get too cocky. It’s good advice. We’ve just seen how the Dems and the Angry Left Media have terribly overplayed their hands, and should learn from that.

I’ve gotten a lot of “the election is won” emails today and I keep writing back, “don’t count your chickens, ANYTHING can still happen. Life and events turn on a dime.” And it’s true. Just remember, 4 weeks ago, everything looked very different. Things can look very different a week from now, or 6 weeks from now. Nothing is static, and this election is not “won” by a long shot. In fact, I would say the dynamics are so hot, right now, that the only certainty we have is that NOTHING is unthinkable. 6:00 PM

Gay Patriot’s 4th Blogoversary! 5:46 PM

“The Angry Left”: They seem even angrier today, and they’re acting up in St. Paul. Well, you knew they wanted to re-create ’68 somewhere. Gateway Pundit says the agitators are “very agitated.” Yeah. Palin made them very mad. Tantrum time. Uppity woman.

So, what do the MEN really think?: Maxed Out Mama has a don’t-miss roundup! 5:43 PM

Michael Gerson and Michael Waldman on Palin’s speech:

I watched the speech standing next to some 70-something male delegates from Texas. Their comments started with “She’s good.” Then, “She’s a keeper.” Then, “I hope she is the first woman president.” Near the end, the security guards had started to clap and cheer.

(H/T commenter gsm, who adds: “A local radio show here in St Paul interviewed a reporter who said he was standing near some cameramen and they also started clapping. FWIW”) 5:33 PM

More Chesterton: More Chesterton: I liked this so much that I found these, and here is another fave:

It cannot be too often repeated that all real democracy is an attempt (like that of a jolly hostess) to bring the shy people out…Now people talk of democracy as being coarse and turbulent; it is a self-evident error in mere history. Aristocracy is the thing that is always coarse and turbulent; for it means appealing to the self-confident people. Democracy means appealing to the diffident people. Democracy means getting those people to vote who would never have the cheek to govern; and (according to Christian ethics) the precise people who ought to govern are the people who have not the cheek to do it. — Chesterton, Tremendous Trifles

Palin’s speech burned up the ratings, with only 1.1 million less viewers than Obama’s speech. Lorie Byrd wonders what if she’d has comparative coverage? Palin seems to have closed the gap in the polls, too, but that will change, and it’s too early for polls to mean anything, anyway. McCain has a job ahead of him, and it’s a football night, too! 5:14 PM

“Community orgainizer, war hero, whatever”. 5:07 PM

“The GOP has found their Obama” Bob Owens disagrees. I would say more like we’ve found our Margaret Thatcher. In an email, Bookworm says, “Nope. We’ve found our Sarah Palin. She’s sui generis” Spot on. 4:57

Still Nosing About Sarah’s Womb: the formerly women-sympathetic left forgets that birth control doesn’t always work, and it’s none of their business, anyway. 4:14 PM

Toughest Days Still Ahead for Palin:
That would be Rove, who would certainly know something about that. 4:08 PM

The press is hurting itself yet seems unable or adolescently unwilling to change tracks. Suicidal. 4:05 PM

James Pethokoukos at US News: McCain’s speech tonight is “Do or Die 3:23 PM

Shana is the designer of the St. Hubert’s Rosary Bracelets you see advertised on the right sidebar. She is the mother of 8, a homeschooler, and like Gov. Palin, a “small town” lady who has some grit to her. She runs the bracelet business from home to help out. The bracelets, btw, bracelets are comfortable and tough – I’ve been wearing one for over a year and it’s still in great shape.

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