Charles Gibson channels Al Gore – UPDATED

Charles Gibson channels Al Gore – UPDATED September 14, 2008

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This is a good video – Palin answering Gibson’s question, in one of those Gawd-awful profile shots, on whether or not she is “ready” to lead (and whether or not she shows hubris to dare think so) and then Obama discussing why he is not ready to lead, back when he seemed a lot more authentic.

What interests me the most in the tape, though, is the demeanor of Charles Gibson. He condescends, he shifts uncomfortably in his chair like a man who is itching to get away. Look at his expression – and the way he is white-knuckling the chair – as Palin says “I do, Charlie, and “if we are so privileged as to be elected.” Then watch again, as Palin is concluding, he does one of those big annoyed sighs we all do when we really want to roll our eyes and say something nasty, but we know we can’t or shouldn’t. Just focus on Gibson, not Palin. His hostility is so pure it’s almost comical.

Professional journalists are not supposed to remind us of Al Gore debating George W. Bush, are they?

UPDATE: As long as you’re watching videos, this one is brilliantly done. Just watch it.

H/T Newsbusters, who also have a great piece here and a great piece there – just keep scrolling; they’re on a roll. One benefit of having more than one blogger working on a site – they can really KEEP UP! :-)

And yes, it is a good day to ask the question: why doesn’t the WaPo give much attention to the growing crowds for McCain? The press must be feeling absolutely gobsmacked.

Bob Owens gets a note about those banned books in Wasilla’s library. Oops. There aren’t any.

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