Palin's Email Hack & A Breather…

Palin's Email Hack & A Breather… September 18, 2008

Sometimes you just have to step back and be a little frivolous, in the face of all the madness, and it is both mean and crazy out there. Can you imagine the press not talking about the invasion of Sarah Palin’s privacy, and the press’ own unwillingness to co-operate with the FBI, because a) they’re Obama-enthralled and b) they don’t want to create “sympathy” for a candidate who – like unlike Hillary Clinton back in 2000 – has SERIOUSLY had her “space” invaded. And just imagine the way they’d be screaming if one of them found their email hacked into. They forget that the people they cover are people just like them. It’s just sad to see what the press has become.

So, for just this post, let’s take a breath and clear the head and just…talk about other stuff. Sometimes I like to share what others are buying at Amazon and get a sense of how people like what they’re buying. A few years ago someone ordered toys that, on their recommend, I ended up buying for my nieces, to their joy. I get the best ideas from my readers!

I want to thank those readers who – getting into these podcasts of the Liturgy of the Hours – have been buying Christian Prayer Breviaries (and guide books) and other things from Amazon via this site. You really help keep the site going with your purchases (and whoever bought the complete set of the Liturgy of the Hours – thank you!). Also, as ever, a portion of the Amazon monies realized goes to charity; lately I’ve been sharing a portion of each month’s kickback with a local retreat house that is struggling.

Can someone clue me into this lady’s scent that was ordered? I don’t wear scent, myself, but my MIL does, and I’m interested, because I’ve never heard of this one!

When Buster was little, I once dressed up as a witch and went to his classroom to read this book on Halloween! Seeing others order it just makes me warm with the memory.

And whoever bought this book by Frank Luntz, please let me know what you think of it! I’m interested!

The other day I told you about the really incredible new Hermit’s Bold Blend”, being offered by Mystic Monk Coffee, and since then reader Jillian A. emailed me:

“my daughter-in-law and I had dinner at TGIF and ordered coffee at the end. We’re so spoiled by the monk coffee that it was undrinkable. We went home and made a pot of Mystic Monk Hazelnut and said we’ll just not buy coffee outside anymore!”

I’m dying for someone to let me know about the “Midnight Vigils Blend”.

I don’t have any interest in this product at all, they don’t put any money in my pocket but they DO make the absolutely best toffee I have ever had, bar none, and they make it while they’re homeschooling their kids. I never use the overused word “amazing.” But this stuff IS amazing, and a great gift!

I’m really glad that podcasts to Compline are being so widely downloaded. If you can only find time to pray before bedtime, it’s a good way to get started. And I love thinking that after a stressful day, someone might find some release through the office. I’ll try to post tonight’s by 10PM, Eastern.

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