Why He's Voting for McCain/Palin

Why He's Voting for McCain/Palin October 5, 2008

I love this fellow – his videos are all great. He’s smart, lively, charismatic and courageous as hell. This 9.5 minute riff is astounding. He covers all the bases from the spurious, politically expedient, manipulative, baseless and contrived charges of racism (because it is racist to tell the truth about Obama, if it’s not “positive”, you know) to Pamela Anderson (made me laugh out loud) to liberal “open-mindedness” and absolutely throws down the gauntlet, challenging liberals, and particularly minority Democrats, to look at where they are and how they got there. Stunning. Applause!

More on McCain vs Obama: Kathy Shaidle gives the McCain/Palin ticket a bit of a boot in the behind for not going full fury (we know Kathy likes fury) on the Obama-Ayers connection. She says:

The McCain campaign needs to spin this as an anti-hippie, anti-lefty, culture wars story:

Ayers and his wife are dangerous criminals and traitors who got away with it, and are now well off and respected. At least the Rosenbergs got the chair…

Look at how average Americans view O.J. — make Ayers the hippie O.J.

Ask folks how they’d feel if Charles Mason was a professor now too?

Look: a guy who has been photographed, as late as 2001, stomping on the American flag is one of Obama’s supporters.

It doesn’t matter if Obama denounces Ayers tomorrow.

It doesn’t matter if their connection is/was “tenuous”.

Here’s what matters: What does it tell you about Obama and his policies and his worldview that people like Ayers and his ilk are obviously going to vote for the guy?

Do you really want to vote for the same guy that unrepentant, unpunished domestic terrorists vote for?

Yes or no? Pretty simple, but the McCain camp is blowing it.

H/T Ed Driscoll who has another great video up that you should go see! Also, see Gateway Pundit airing video with Obama – earlier in his career – talking up his relationship to Ayers. Gloves off.

And one more thing: I don’t think Obama really likes Israel as much as he says he does. Just a hunch.

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