Vote fraud: The ACORN Breakdown

Vote fraud: The ACORN Breakdown October 14, 2008

A few weeks ago, I emailed Jim at Gateway Pundit, who I recall having what seemed like hundreds of links to past ACORN bad-behavior, in terms of voter registration fraud, voter intimidation, vote supression (tire slashing on election day) and more, and I said, “you should put together one large post that has ALL of your ACORN links.”

He wrote back that it sounded like a good idea, and now he has an approximation of that up at Pajamas Media. I think he has even more links but had no more room for them.

Go read Jim’s piece – it is exhaustive:

Although the organization prides itself for its registration efforts, it also has a long history of scandal. In the state of Missouri in 1986, 12 ACORN members were convicted of voter fraud. But that case was not an isolated incident in the state. In December 2004, in St. Louis, six volunteers pleaded guilty of dozens of election law violations for filling out registration cards with names of dead people and other bogus information. Authorities launched an earlier investigation after noticing that among the new voters was longtime St. Louis alderman Albert “Red” Villa, who died in 1990. The volunteers worked for “Operation Big Vote” — a branch of ACORN — in St. Louis.

On February 10, 2005, Nonaresa Montgomery, a paid worker who ran Operation Big Vote during the run-up to the 2001 mayoral primary, was found guilty of vote fraud. Montgomery hired about 30 workers to do fraudulent voter-registration canvassing. Instead of knocking on doors, the volunteers sat at a St. Louis fast food restaurant and wrote out names and information from an outdated voter list. About 1,500 fraudulent voter registration cards were turned in.

In October 2006, St. Louis election officials discovered at least 1,492 “potentially fraudulent” voter registration cards. They were all turned in by ACORN volunteers.

In November 2006, 20,000 to 35,000 questionable voter registration forms were turned in by ACORN officials in Missouri. Most all of these were from St. Louis and Kansas City areas, where ACORN purportedly sought to help empower the “disenfranchised” minorities living there. But the ACORN workers weren’t just told to register new voters. The workers admitted on camera that they were coached to tell registrants to vote for Democrat Claire McCaskill.

In 2007, in Kansas City, Missouri, four ACORN employees were indicted for fraud. In April of this year eight ACORN employees in St. Louis city and county pleaded guilty to federal election fraud for submitting bogus voter registrations.

And, that was just Missouri.

It goes on. And the mainstream press is paying a little lipservice to the voter registration mess, because they have to, but no one in the MSM-left is actually investigating this stuff. That’s left to lowly bloggers, like Jim. Do read the whole thing.

Instapundit rightly asks, “where is the Justice Department on this?” Good question. Can’t the Attorney General launch an investigation? This is not happening why? Call them here, don’t bother emailing. Jennifer Rubin says it is inconceivable that the press refuses to ask Obama about any of this. She writes:

If the voters want such a president they will have him, but he should first explain himself and justify why his participation in and assistance to such an enterprise should not be serious grounds to question his fitness for office.

We won’t hold our breath.

More on Obama and ACORN at WSJ. And more, still at IBD. Not at ABC, CBS, CNN, etc….

I get emails from people on the left instructing me to carefully discuss ACORN’s voter “registration” fraud, it’s not “voter fraud.”

Please, kids. It is absolutely meant to be registration fraud so vast that it cannot be contained, in order than enough these fraudulent votes may (and are already being) cast. How can you feel good about this?

I have no faith in this electoral outcome, not in Ohio, not in Pennsylvania. The integrity of our electoral system has been completely broken down by people like Ohio SecState Jennifer Brunner and others.

But just think about this for a second. If Obama wins, there will be some grumbling about voter fraud, but the press will pooh-pooh it. I have no idea if the GOP will go to courts. They’re so weird, who knows what they’d do?

But I’m going to make one of my famous predictions, here, even though I think I’ve only gotten one right, that Hillary would cry in New Hampshire. Now I predict: if Obama loses, he will then play the chutzpah card (and giving this it will be true chutzpah) – he’ll announce that “because the electoral process was indeed compromised…” (by his own supporters) he’s going to challenge the votes.

And then all the lawyers will troop in.

Gay Patriot has state-by-state, fraud-by-fraud. And please go read Fausta.

Also, I mentioned it below but it bears repeating: in Wisconsin, an 8th grade English textbook has 15 pages on Obama and his “service” to his nation. 15 pages. In a brand-new textbook. He’s not even president, but I bet no president has 15 pages…especially in an ENGLISH textbook? I sent that link to a friend who wrote back:

This is no accident. So .. learn well this Sherlock Holmes Ian Fleming truth …
Once is happenstance
Twice is coincidence
Three times is enemy action

Now, come on, you leftwing readers of this blog…you don’t think 15 pages in a textbook before a guy is even elected is a bit Soviet in style?

Oh, and don’t miss this must read: Stanley Kurtz on Obama funding the likes of Rev. Wright. The press will ignore, but you need to know this stuff.

I’m amused. I shouldn’t be, particularly over this stuff, but I am. This is so damned unbelievable. And I’m taking the longview, because nothing that’s happening now will be understood in its proper context for a while.

My pal who wrote the Holmesian quote above is an “end times” believer and he closed his missive with a line I loved: who would have thought the end times would be so stupid?


I don’t believe we’re in end-times. But we are in interesting times. Disorientation is the order of the day. Outright diabolical, that disorientation!

And yet…I still feel pretty good. Such a battle is going on, all around us! In the air, even.

Michelle Malkin has more.

The Duh-question of the day: is Obama getting off easy? The man has not been asked a challenging question in two years.

The ACLU is pressuring Virginia to just allow illegal voting, dammit!. Buster just received his absentee ballot. It was not difficult to manage. But apparently the ACLU thinks Obama’s supporters – all those smart kids going to college – are too stupid to have managed it.

Now that the narrative has been established, we hear that Dana Milbank never thought the shouter meant “kill Obama”. Took him to mean, “kill Ayers.” Oh.

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