America goes truly post-racial

America goes truly post-racial October 29, 2008

Ann Althouse asks an interesting question: Why isn’t Obama that far ahead?

I have no idea what any of it means, or how next week will turn out – how can anyone project anything in the face of voter “registration” fraud, whackadoo polling and an in-the-tank media?

But all of this uncertainty – all of these “narrowing” polls are proving one beautiful thing, definitively: that America actually is more post-racial than most realize.

Think about it. Obama can’t break 50%. Neither could Kerry, Gore or Clinton.

So, Obama is being treated precisely like every other Democrat politician of the last 16 years. His race is not holding him down. His race is not propping him up.

This should be cause for celebration, I think. We’ve clearly moved past race.

Why is Obama not “so far ahead?” Perhaps because he’s really not. I’m sure tomorrow we’ll see blaring headlines that more people “watched Obama’s half-hour ad than have watched all Super Bowls, all Oscar telecasts, all Jerry Lewis telethons and all moon-landings combined” – the press is committed to the hyper-narrative. But beyond all that, beyond the spin, Obama is just a Democrat having trouble breaking 50%.

Really, that’s nothing new. And we should feel good about that.

Mark Steyn notes that the White House incumbent is wildly unpopular. True. But the Dem-controlled congress is hated even more.

Instalanche! Thanks Glenn! while visitors are here, please look around; I have an interesting email from “the product of Pittsburgh Steelworkers” and a fun and fascinating fictitious parallel to the meeting of Barack Obama and Joe the Plumber. Plus, Halloween thoughts and pics. Enjoy!

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