A President who values the presidency

A President who values the presidency March 10, 2009

Got this from over at Ann Althouse’s place:

It’s very moving.

But what is most profoundly interesting to me is how this man – this former president – shows such obvious pride and pleasure that “four presidents” inquired after his wife’s health.

It tells you everything about who the man is, and how much this nation and the office of the president means to a WWII flyboy and hero, for whom America is the passionate shining light of his life. One gets the sense that even though he has been president, even though he has been the head of the CIA, he is still like a kid – enormously impressed by his own nation, and excited to be part of it.

Yes, he’s old fashioned and his sentiments may be considered “cornball” in our “enlightened and sophisticated” age.

But it is a pleasure to see someone so clearly in love with his country and his wife. Warmed the cockles of my heart, actually.

Rhymes with Right has more.

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