Workers: Embrace your mandatory volunteerism!

Workers: Embrace your mandatory volunteerism! March 26, 2009

Comrades, I am out today, but wanted to throw a few links up.

On the heels of the very interesting Mike Rowe, of “Dirty Jobs”, and his thoughts on work, dignity and AIG rage, some very disturbing reading, much of it thanks to Larwyn:

Every American a Volunteer: the incomprehensible legislation that is speeding through Congress and will take away your right to do or not do a thing. So much for Freedom in America, circa 2009.

Obama presses
for more power, less transparency. What you O-lovers voted for, no? I bet you didn’t realize that “hope and change,” when played backwards becomes: “More power and more power.”

And less sovereignty. I’m convinced that if President Obama actually wanted to serve the US Economy he’d be staffing Treasury, and not throwing us into bankruptcy. Instead, he leaves Treasury unstaffed, seems unconcerned about it, and seems to be using Geithner to ummm…manage a transition.

Also, Comrades, remember when Michelle Obama said, “Barack will never let you go back to the way you used to live…” She meant that. And when you play that backwards, you know what it sounds like? “Arbeit macht frei.” Or, it might be “more power for me, less freedom for you.” I have a hearing loss, as you know, so I could be wrong. Doublespeak is tough to make out.

Obama for America: the first president to need his own trained brownshirts. Getting paid to cause trouble. All hail our glorious President Chaos, who will free us from the constraints of our own dreams and motivations!

Vlad Lenin: We must instruct the people to hate. Let’s see…hate…hmmmm…”Hey, AIG slaves workers, capitalist pigs we’re coming for your children! And your propane grills! Ummm…got it. Check.

A fella who lived under communism: Knows what he sees.

Chesterton was correct. When people stop believing in something, they’ll believe in anything. All of those people who threw off the shackles of religion because it was “unfree” and “guilt-inducing,” consider your new socialist religion, which is unfree and Guilt promoting.

The founder of the festival?

Profit for me but not for thee.
Comrades! How come all of these people looking to take away bonuses and regulate salaries are such unrepentant, rich capitalist pigs? Are they hypocrites or just you know, better than the rest of us.

America moves toward abandoning Israel. There’s a shocker, Comrades.

Fiends? I am sad to read this.

The Budget: Who dictated it for the last two years? The graph is terrifying.

Time to undo the rescue? Too late.

DO NOT BE AFRAID. Everything happens for a reason. All is in place for a purpose. You just hunker down, stock up on some tuna, candles, batteries, ammo, duct tape and good books, keep the family close, get quiet and pray – and stay positive, because if you believe all things happen to God’s glory, well…here come glory.

Things are moving very fast for a reason, and after being delayed for 8 years, this train ain’t stopping for anything.

Comrades! Let’s dance!

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