Oh, nuts! Obama Speech Reax

Oh, nuts! Obama Speech Reax September 10, 2009

I have not one, not two but three things I have to start writing for various deadlines, so I’m going to offer you a quick look-around from my email and a few sites and then tip the hat and ride off into the sunset for most of the day, pardners.

Obama was going to bring “his own plan” on healthcare to the Congress yesterday, wasn’t that the pre-speech meme?

“This is the momentism!”: Again with the Broadwayesque-Bombast. Every Obama speech is “the moment.” Say, isn’t that the big song from Jekyll and Hyde; The Musical? Mickey Kaus has many thoughts on many things. They’re all worth reading.

Obama’s big speech: I think Powerline has a pretty focused analysis.

James Pethokoukis calls it “The Speech that Didn’t Matter”.

But, as the president put it, “there remain some significant details to be ironed out.” And while that process continues, Obama is likely to grow weaker rather than stronger.

Why not iron out all those issues and bring it back, buddy? Again, what is the rush? Weren’t the Democrats all regretful about the “rush to war,” doesn’t the press continually beat their breast for not asking more questions, and allowing that “rush”? Shouldn’t we all have learned something from that?

Perhaps Obama should have done a dance? Come on baby, let’s do the twist!.

It’s Being touted as a presidency saver, or something, among those polled: 45 percent Democratic and 18 percent Republican. CNN ticker also admits at the end of the piece: “sample is about 8-10 points more Democratic than the population as a whole.” So…pointless but useful, I guess, if all you really want is an opinion-manipulating headline, and not accuracy. Our modern press.

Ed Morrissey: If Obama merely wanted to fire up the left his speech succeeded. Otherwise:

Obama needed a new argument. Instead of changing out his old slogans, Obama changed out his reasonableness and his veneer of bipartisanship for an ugly, partisan tone, accusing his opponents of lying and demanding an end to “bickering,” which Americans used to call “debate” and “dissent”. He again accused his opposition of not offering any ideas, when Congressional Republicans have a comprehensive reform bill in committee and had copies of it in the chamber when Obama gave his speech.

But straw men are so much more inflammatory than paper, Ed.

Fact-checking: from the AP and Reason. Ed, always fair, takes a look at both.

The Purpose of the Speech: To give cover to the Democrats so they could go out and…make stuff up? “Rep. Lynn Woolsey (D-Petaluma) said the speech was clear, concise and positive. “He gave us our marching orders,” she said. “He listened to the American people who have said in poll after poll that they support a public option…”

Really? Is that what Obama heard from the American people when he was simultaneously listening, allowing Pelosi to accuse them of carrying swastikas and declaring that he didn’t want those who disagreed with him “to do a lot of talking”.

UPDATE: Jake Tapper says some Democrat Senators who have been a little critical of health care, have been called to the inquisition White House.

“You lie!” – I have about 100 emails from people calling Joe Wilson “An American Hero.” Please. What he did was not heroic; it was stupid and -as a tactic- a mistake. Any time someone in opposition to Obama does something boorish, it only plays into the administrations hands, via the huffing, indignant press, who never saw a swastika or a rudeness from the left during Bush’s presidency, but are suddenly all shocked, shocked at the devolution of civility in our political arena.

This is the US Congress, not the UK Parliament and Wilson was correct to apologize for his inappropriate outburst. On the other hand, to say the Dems never treated Bush rudely during a speech is inaccurate. Brutally Honest pretty much covers the whole thing, soup-to-nuts and points out that the president stood at his bully pulpit and called a lot of people liars last night.

No, I don’t think Bush ever did that. I’m sure if he had, there would have been outrage, so I’d remember it. And by the way, if you listen to Bush in this video. He was right to sound an alarm that congress still will not honestly or ably address.

There will be outrage, somewhere, I am sure, over Sarah Palin’s facebook response. Outside the Beltway says Obama was deliberately poisoning the well. And, umm…not telling the truth.

Tucker Carlson says Obama sounds like a bitter old guy.

And while I applaud the capitalist urge, I think these are both ugly and dumb. But mostly ugly.

However my son can’t find a job, lots of people can’t find jobs. Obama is focused like a laser on health care but what people need are jobs. What happened to creating jobs? Since no one is talking about creating jobs, I can’t blame anyone for designing and selling ugly shirts.

But you know, if people are losing their jobs, and going on the dole, what a great way to get them enthusiastic about Government run Healthcare!. And government-run everything!

Speaking of which, is there a breaking ACORN scandal? I concur with Kim Priestap who wonders how anyone could take people in these costumes seriously.

American Exceptionalism: Obama’s Science Czar has the cure. It’s not more cowbell. We need to get rid of the czars.

Every Superman Needs a Crystal Cave: I think it’s time for Obama to stop talking and talking and talking about this healthcare bill and just do what he wants. He owns both houses and almost owns the courts. I think he should do his thing and own it. Own it all, and stop pretending that he actually gives a crap what anyone thinks. Then he can move on to currying the favors of dictators and despots in Latin America, and helping to fund oil-drilling in Brazil, but not in America. Priorities, priorities. Drilling for oil, getting at our natural gas reserves and shales would create jobs, you know. And that, apparently…would be bad.

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