Thank you, a little slow at the gate!

Thank you, a little slow at the gate! September 15, 2010

Deplorable-looking woman, who has grown her mother’s nose and who sweated off her make-up, reviving with Guinness in Rome

Sorry it’s so quiet. I awoke this morning with a really bad cold/sore throat thing going on and after doing the marketing realized I must be a little more jet-lagged than I thought. Who knew jet-lag was day-skipping? I certainly had more pep yesterday.

I need to write a gracious “thank you” to my guest-bloggers, and ask you to give them a boorah round of applause. There were some days in Rome where I just didn’t have time to check the site, but I never worried because I knew I had left it in three incredibly capable and generous hands. As soon as I saw Danielle passing out gum, and Dolly Parton video, I knew all was well!

Actually, I did worry about one thing: that you’d like our guest bloggers so well that you wouldn’t miss me at all!

I hope that–having had two weeks to make the acquaintance of the the inspiring Danielle Bean, the shrewdly funny Simcha Fisher and the warm, thoughtful Sally Thomas, you’ve developed an appetite for their writing that keeps you checking on them at their sites, and I’ll surely be linking to them–again and again–from here.’

Did they completely blast to shreds the oddball stereotypes we’ve seen of Catholic Moms and Homeschoolers? Good! That was the devious plan, from the start. As The Count used to say on Sesame Street: Ah-ha-ah!

The gals might be shooting a few more posts this way during the week, closing loops and tidying loose ends, so it’s not yet “aloha,” but please join me in thanking them! Boorah! Or, as we say in Rome, grazie, mi amici, grazie!!

Trevi Fountain; yes, I wanted to dive into that crystal-blue water! Look at the color of the sky in Rome–it is different from the New York sky–it is jewel-toned and unforgettable.

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