Blogfather Ed Morrissey

Blogfather Ed Morrissey February 2, 2011

I can never say enough good things about Hot Air’s Ed Morrissey, whom I call “blogfather” because it was his initial blog, Captain’s Quarters, that first piqued my interest in blogging. Ed managed to blog in a way that was smart, gentlemanly and fair and I thought I might be able to do that, too.

Heh. Clearly I have not managed to be as smart, gentlemanly or fair as he, but I am glad I took the plunge; blogging has changed my life, very much for the better — both personally and professionally — in that it has taught me how to slow down, take a breath and consider the Marquis of Queensbury Rules before jumping into a fray. I sometimes do revert to Bad Lizzie, but I am learning how to be more gentlemanly; it’s slow-going since, as long-time readers know, I was raised by blade-in-mouth barbarians.

Still I credit my blogfather for the lessons, and also for the encouragement. When I wondered whether I was wasting my time and ought to throw in the towel, Ed was really supportive. “Just keep writing,” he said, “and stay true to yourself.”

I’m glad I took his advice. Who would have thought a few years later I would be editing his First Mate Marcia’s wonderful columns for Patheos?

Watch Blogfather Ed, interviewed by Reason’s Nick Gillespie, who here sports Fu Manchuesque whiskers and denies being the elusive Allahpundit. Both smart, hard-working and honest fellows. I consider it a distinct honor to be considered a friend working in a neighboring field. Sort of. On the periphery.

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