May I take your intentions with me to Rome? – UPDATED

May I take your intentions with me to Rome? – UPDATED April 25, 2011

(My photo of ancient side altar at the Basilica of Santa Sabina)

While I am busy getting my column written for tomorrow and attending to other duties and devotions (Easter Monday Adoration! Yay!) I thought I’d invite you to leave your prayer requests and intentions in the comments thread. I will print them out and take them with me to Rome, and ask St. Catherine of Siena, St. Philip Neri and others for their prayerful support on your behalves, and then take the whole list with me — in my hands and heart — to the Beatification Mass of Bl. John Paul II.

And of course, seeing all of our needs, let us pray for each other’s concerns.

I, for instance, ask you to pray for my Elder Son, who has a “callback” this week for an entry-level job that he ‘s very excited about, for my younger son who is still sick but seems finally on the mend, for me in my travels, and for my husband who hates to eat alone, and who would have tried to join me on the trip, if only the dog were not so very old…

And you?

UPDATE: I am so moved by the many, many stories of job-seeking, illness, kids away from church. Please know I have all of these requests, and I will also have my iPad w/me, so I will add new ones as they come up!

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