Now THIS is a slipper!

Now THIS is a slipper! November 7, 2011

In our house, we have carpeting only in the family room and the kid’s bedrooms. And my husband favors berber carpeting, so the stuff is not a nice warm, thick pile.

The rest of the house is either tile or hardwood. Someday, we’re going to be able to afford renovating the 40 year old kitchen and master baths — and when we do, I’m demanding ambient heating in the floors.

But for now, I just have to deal, and sitting at a desk all day, with hardwood floors, one can get pretty chilly — and if the feet get cold, everything gets cold (in Traditional Chinese Medicine, they speak of “pernicious influences” like cold entering in this way, and your granny’s old “mustard foot baths” were meant to counteract the same notion).

So I have looked hard to find just the right sort of slipper — something warm, but with some body, something with a washable furry inside. Something just like this:

This “Juliet” slipper is sooooo toasty and comfy — a birthday gift from my MIL, and man am I ever appreciative. She is always looking for a warm, sturdy slipper herself (being Italian, their whole house is tile!) and this one hits the mark.

A little snug if you like to wear slippers with socks, but since I don’t, it fits like a dream.

A great Christmas gift for what promises to be a very cold, long winter!

And they make a Romeo, Romeo for the fellas, too!

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